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Written by on 03/07/2024

“Hey everyone, welcome to Pop Reactions on V2beat! I’m your host, Jay Gram, here to bring you the freshest tracks and my reactions to them. Let’s get into it!”

Rudimental, Skepsis Green & Gold

Rudimental, Skepsis Green & Gold

Rudimental, Skepsis – Green & Gold

Review: Rudimental and Skepsis have crafted a perfect summer anthem with “Green & Gold.” This track is a vibrant blend of energetic beats and smooth vocals, encapsulating the essence of sunny days and beach parties. The synergy between Rudimental’s dynamic production and Skepsis’ catchy hooks makes “Green & Gold” an instant favorite for those looking to dance the day away.

Points: 8/10


Sam Feldt, Jvke, Anitta Mi Amor

Sam Feldt, Jvke, Anitta Mi Amor

Sam Feldt, Jvke, Anitta – Mi Amor

Review: “Mi Amor” by Sam Feldt, Jvke, and Anitta is a vibrant and catchy tune that’s impossible to resist. The tropical rhythms paired with an infectious chorus make it a standout track for summer nights. Each artist brings their unique flair, resulting in a song that’s both fresh and familiar, ideal for setting a lively mood.

Points: 9/10


Rag'n'bone Man What Do You Believe In

Rag’n’bone Man What Do You Believe In

Rag’n’Bone Man – What Do You Believe In

Review: Rag’n’Bone Man’s “What Do You Believe In” is a soulful and powerful track that resonates deeply with its listeners. Known for his emotive voice, Rag’n’Bone Man delivers lyrics that provoke thought and stir emotions. This song is a testament to his talent for blending deep lyrical content with captivating melodies.

Points: 8/10


Ella Henderson, Switch Disco, Alok Under The Sun

Ella Henderson, Switch Disco, Alok Under The Sun

Ella Henderson, Switch Disco, Alok – Under The Sun

Review: “Under The Sun” by Ella Henderson, Switch Disco, and Alok is an uplifting and danceable track perfect for any summer playlist. The collaboration between these artists brings a unique sound that’s both energizing and refreshing. Ella Henderson’s vocals soar over the vibrant beats, making this song a must-add to your summer soundtrack.

Points: 8/10




Thanks for tuning in to this episode of Pop Reactions on V2beat. I hope you enjoyed my take on these new tracks. Stay tuned for more fresh reviews and keep the music alive. Until next time, this is Jay Gram signing off!





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