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HOT POP HITS is the weekly column of the new musical proposals entered in rotation on V2BEAT Music television. We carefully choose some of the tracks that we believe are the most successful among the thousands that are produced every day by singers and artists from the Pop, Dance, Latin, R&B, Soul, Rap, Hip Hop, Country and others genres.
Every week an article comes out created by our editorial staff that seeks, chooses, evaluates by listening and viewing the tracks that best meet the broadcasting requirements. As always, there is no lack of new proposals coming directly from emerging artists. The editorial team is currently composed by IvanSDaniele Milani and the collaboration of BojoPowerPlay of Radio Millenium Bulgaria.



 At every :04 of each hour
 At every :30 of each hour
 Hourly Daily But Sat Afternoon
Red One, Daddy Yankee, French Montana, Dinah JaneBoom Boom [1217-2]Dec-2017Red One, Daddy Yankee, French Montana, Dinah Jane - Boom Boom (Intro)
DJ Snake ft LauvA Different Way [1217-2]Dec-2017DJ Snake ft Lauv - A Different Way
P!nkBeautiful Trauma [T40-07] [1117-2]Nov-2017Beautiful Trauma
Charlie PuthHow Long [T40-36] [1117-2]Nov-2017How Long
Imagine DragonsWhatever It Takes [T40-26] [1117-2]Nov-2017Whatever It Takes
KodalineReady to Change [1117-2]Nov-2017Ready to Change
Mr EazyLeg Over (DJ Baysik Day Party Edit) [1117-2]Nov-2017Mr Eazy
N E R D ft RihannaLemon [T40-16] [1117-2]Nov-2017rihanna
Selena Gomez ft MarshmelloWolves [T40-11] [1117-2]Nov-2017Wolves
Taylor SwiftReady For It [1117-2]Nov-2017Ready For It
Hey BoyNatasha Bedingfield [1117-2]Nov-2017
3LAUStar Crossed [1117-2]Nov-2017
Alan Walker ft Noah Cyrus, Digital Farm AnimalsAll Falls Down [T40-37] [1117-2]Nov-2017
Martin Garrix ft Matisse, SadkoForever [1117-2]Nov-2017
Majid JordanBody Talk [1117-2]Nov-2017
Sabrina CarpenterWhy (Jay Mac Remix) [1117-2[Nov-2017
Maroon 5 ft Julia MichaelsHelp Me Out [T40-32] [1117-2]Nov-2017
Taylor SwiftGorgeous [T40-33] [1117-2]Nov-2017
Dillon Francis ft Yung PinchHello There [1117-2]Nov-2017
Liam PayneBedroom Floor [T40-25] [1117-2]Nov-2017
Rita OraAnywhere [T40-03] [1117-2]Nov-2017
R3HAB & WaysonsShanghai [1117-2]Nov-2017
Keyshia ColeIncapable [1117-2]Nov-2017
Major LazerParticula [1117-2]Nov-2017
Bebe Rexha ft Florida Georgia LineMeant to Be [1117-2]Nov-2017
Fuse ODGJinja [1017-2]Oct-2017
Camila Cabello ft Young ThugHavana (Jose Knight Spirit Remix) [1017-2]Oct-2017
Francis Mercier ft Kris KissShakin' It [1017-2]Oct-2017
Fergie ft Nicki MinajYou Already Know (Jay Mac Remix) [1017-2]Oct-2017
FergieLike It Ain't Nuttin' [1017-2]Oct-2017
Ed SheeranPerfect (Lyric) [1017-2]Oct-2017
Wisin Y YandelComo Antes (DJ XXplosive Intro) [1017-2]Oct-2017
EchosmithDear World [1017-2]Oct-2017
Thirty Seconds To MarsWalk On Water [1017-2]Oct-2017
Craig DavidHeartline (Tall Boys MOVE Bootleg) [1017-2]Oct-2017
CNCO ft Little MixReggaeton Lento (Remix) [1017-2]Oct-2017
UnicqMercy (Shy Guy) [1017-2]Oct-2017
Ciara ft Justin TimberlakeLove, Sex and Magic (Jose Knight New Rules Edit) [1017-2]Oct-2017
Cheat Codes ft Fetty Wap, CVBZFeels Great [1017-2]Oct-2017
Tyga1 on 1 (Starjack Dancehall Hype) [1017-2]Oct-2017
Alan Walker, Digital Farm Animals ft Noah CyrusAll Falls Down (Kue Remix) [1217-2]Dec-2017
CamelPhat & ElderbrookCola (Freejak Remix) [T40-34] [1217-2]Dec-2017
Jennifer Lopez ft WisinAmor, Amor, Amor [1217-2]Dec-2017
MOWhen I Was Young [1217-2]Dec-2017
Mariah CareyThe Star [1217-2]Dec-2017
TrainHave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [1217-2]Dec-2017
Eminem ft BeyonceWalk On Water [T40-10] [1217-2]Dec-2017
HansonFinally It's Christmas [T40-29] [1217-2]Dec-2017
Thirty Seconds To Mars ft Travis ScottWalk On Water [1217-2]Dec-2017
Ed Sheeran Ft BeyoncePerfect Duet [T40-01] [1217-2]Dec-2017
Flo Rida ft MalumaHola [1217-2]Dec-2017
Liam PayneBedroom Floor (remix) [1217-2]Dec-2017
Maroon 5What Lovers Do (A-Trak Remix) [1217-2]Dec-2017
Sabrina CarpenterWhy (Gozzi Halo Bootleg) [1217-2]Dec-2017
Kris Wu ft Travis ScottDeserve (Jay Mac Remix) [1217-2]Dec-2017
Rita OraAnywhere (R3hab Remix) [1217-2]Dec-2017
Jean Marie ft Marta Sanchez, Flo Rida, DJ KatchBasketball The Horns (DJ Arman Aveiru Bootleg) [1217-2]Dec-2017
Kelly ClarksonLove So Soft (Cedric Gervais Remix) [1217-2]Dec-2017
Flo Rida ft MalumaHola (PeteDown Moomba Mix) [1217-2]Dec-2017
Farruko, Nicki Minaj, Bad Bunny, 21 Savage & RvssianKrippy Kush (Remix) [1217-2]Dec-2017
Lindsey Stirling ft Raja KumariMirage [1117-2]Nov-2017
Lost KingsDon't Call [1217-2]Dec-2017
Pitbull, Stereotypes ft E-40, Abraham MateoJungle [1217-2]Dec-2017
Chris Lane ft Tori KellyTake Back Home Girl [1217-2-2]Dec-2017
Madison BeerSay It To My Face [T40-13] [1217-2]Dec-2017
OzunaSíguelo Bailando [T40-39] [1217-2]Dec-2017
ZHUExhale [1217-2]Dec-2017
Marshmello ft KhalidSilence [T40-06] [1217-2]Dec-2017
Steve Aoki ft Rich The Kid & ILoveMakonnenHow Else Live [1117-2]Nov-2017
Problem ft Bad LuccGet On It [1117-2]Nov-2017
Camila CabelloHavana (Alphalove Remix) [T40-04] [1117-2]Nov-2017
CamelPhat ft ElderbrookCola [T40-32] [1117-2]Nov-2017
Calvin Harris ft Kehlani, Lil YachtyFaking It [1117-2]Nov-2017
SiaSanta's Coming For Us [T40-37] [1117-2]Nov-2017
Lindsey StirlingDance of the Sugar Plum Fairy [1117-2]Nov-2017
David ArchuletaInvincible [1117-2]Nov-2017
Gwen Stefani ft Blake SheltonYou Make It Feel Like Christmas [1117-2]Nov-2017
Hailee Steinfeld ft Alesso, Florida Georgia Line, WattLet Me Go [1117-2]Nov-2017
Clean Bandit ft Julia MichaelsI Miss You [T40-08] [1117-2]Nov-2017
KonshensTurn Me On (PeteDown Moombahton Mix) [1117-2]Nov-2017
Zedd ft Liam PayneGet Low [0717-2]Jul-2017Zedd ft. Liam Payne - Get Low
The Chainsmokers ft ColdplaySomething Just Like This (Pat Cs Could You Be Loved Mashup) [07Jul-2017Coldplay ft The Chainsmoker - Something Just Like This (Bounce Edit)
Future ft YGExtra Luv [0817-2]Aug-2017DJ Khaled ft Justin
HalseyNow Or Never (Joe Maz Remix) [0817-2]Aug-2017Halsey
PSY ft TaeyangLove [0817-2]Aug-2017PSY
Rita OraYour Song (Disco Fries Remix) [0817-2]Aug-2017Rita Ora
Liam Payne ft QuavoStrip That Down (Nevada Remix) [0817-2]Aug-2017Liam Payne feat Quavo - Strip That Down (Tommy K ClubEdit)
Andra DayForever Mine [0817-2]Aug-2017Andra Day - Forever Mine
Andy Grammer ft LunchMoney LewisGive Love [0817-2]Aug-2017Andy Grammer ft LunchMoney Lewis - Give Love
Charli XCXBoys [0817-2]Aug-2017Charli XCX
Demi LovatoSorry Not Sorry (Cabuizee Remix) [0817-2]Aug-2017demi lovato
Don Andre ft Ding Dong, Chi Ching ChingTom Cruise (Dan Apetria Edit) [0817-2]Aug-2017Don Andre ft Ding Dong, Chi Ching Ching - Tom Cruise (Dan Apetria Edit)
GalantisTrue Feeling [0817-2]Aug-2017Galantis - Hunter (Made In June Remix)
GalantisHunter (Made In June Remix) [0817-2]Aug-2017Galantis - Hunter (Made In June Remix)
J Balvin & Willy WilliamMi Gente (Henry Fong Remix) [0817-2]Aug-2017
Ne YoAnother Love Song [0817-2]Aug-2017Ne - Yo - Another Love Song
Nicky BlitzDynamite (Vice & DJ Spider Remix) [0817-2]Aug-2017Nicky Blitz - Dynamite (Vice & DJ Spider Remix)
ReiTumblin [0817-2]Aug-2017Rei - Tumblin
Rudimental ft James ArthurSun Comes Up [0817-2]Aug-2017Rudimental ft James Arthur - Sun Comes Up
Sabrina ClaudioBelong To You [0817-2]Aug-2017Sabrina Claudio
Selena GomezFetish (U_GO_BOY Remix) [0817-2]Aug-2017Selena Gomez - Fetish (U_GO_BOY Remix)
Shania TwainPoor Me (Lyric) [0817-2]Aug-2017Shania Twain - Poor Me
SuperfruitWorth It [0817-2]Aug-2017Superfruit - worth it
SymonNo Way (PeteDown Moomba Mix) [0817-2]Aug-2017Symon - No Way
Wale ft Major Lazer, WizKid, Dua LipaMy Love [0817-2]Aug-2017Wale ft  Major Lazer, WizKid, Dua Lipa - My Love
Wyclef Jean Ft Lunch Money Lewis, The KnocksWhat Happened To Love [0817-2]Aug-2017Wyclef Jean Ft. Lunch Money Lewis, The Knocks - What Happened To Love (Lyric)
Baby Bash ft Frankie JVamonos (Kutt Edit) [0917-2]Sep-2017Baby Bash ft Frankie J
Becky G Ft Bad BunnyMayores [0817-2]Aug-2017Becky G  Ft Bad Bunny
Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor [0717-2]Sep-2017Bruno Mars
Chase & Status Ft Emeli SandéLove Me More [0817-2]Aug-2017Chase & Status Ft. Emeli Sandé - Love Me More
ColdplayAliens [0817-2]Aug-2017Coldplay
DJ Vice ft Jon BellionObsession [0817-2]Aug-2017DJ Vice ft Jon Bellion
Dua LipaNew Rules [0817-2]Aug-2017Dua Lipa
Duke Dumont ft Gorgon City ft NAATIONReal Life (Mighty Mi & Adam Remix) [0817-2]Aug-2017Duke Dumont ft Gorgon City  ft  NAATION
Ed SheeranBibia Be Ye Ye [0817-2]Aug-2017Bibia Be Ye Ye
Fat Joe ft Remy Ma, Ty Dolla $ignMoney Showers [0817-2]Aug-2017Fat Joe ft Remy Ma, Ty Dolla $ign
Fifth HarmonyAngel [0917-2]Sep-2017Fifth Harmony
GorillazStrobelite [0817-2]Aug-2017Gorillaz
James BluntCourtney's Song [0917-2]Sep-2017James Blunt
Jax JonesInstruction (Pink Panda Remix) [0917-2]Sep-2017Jax Jones
Jax Jones Ft Demi Lovato, Stefflon DonInstruction [0817-2]Aug-2017Jax Jones
Jessie JReal Deal [0917-2]Sep-2017Jessie J
KeshaRainbow [0917-2]Sep-2017Kesha
Madison BeerDead [0817-2]Aug-2017Madison Beer
Major Lazer ft Anitta, Pabllo VittarSua Cara (Glenn Limbaga Club Ready) [0917-2]Sep-2017Major Lazer ft  Anitta, Pabllo Vittar
MNEKParadise [0917-2]Sep-2017MNEK
Pia Mia Ft JeremihI'm A Fan [0817-2]Aug-2017Pia Mia Ft Jeremih
P!nkWhat About Us [0917-2]Sep-2017P!nk
Rachel PlattenBroken Glass [0917-2]Sep-2017Rachel Platten - Broken Glass [0917-2]
Selena Gomez ft Gucci ManeFetish [0817-2]Aug-2017Selena Gomez ft Gucci Mane
Wiz Khalifa ft Ty Dolla $ignSomething New [0917-2]Sep-2017Wiz Khalifa ft Ty Dolla $ign
Sevyn Streeter ft Wiz Khalifa, Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ignAnything U Want [0817-2]Aug-2017Sevyn Streeter ft Wiz Khalifa, Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign
SuperfruitVacation [0817-2]Aug-2017Superfruit
SymonNo Way (PeteDown Moomba Mix) [0817-2]Aug-2017Symon
The ScriptRain [0817-2]Aug-2017The Script
The WeekndRockin [0817-2]Aug-2017Rockin
Wyclef JeanWhat Happened to Love [0917-2]Sep-2017Wyclef Jean
Alex Aiono ft Trinidad CardonaDoes It Feel Like Falling [1017-2]Oct-2017Alex Aiono ft Trinidad Cardona
HalseyBad At Love (DJ Mike D Mix) [1017-2]Oct-2017Bad At Love (DJ Mike
Avicii Ft Rita OraLonely Together [1017-2]Oct-2017Avicii Ft Rita Ora
Belly ft The WeekndMight Not (DJ Mike D Mix) [1017-2]Oct-2017Belly ft The Weeknd
Bootsy CollinsLadies Nite [1017-2]Oct-2017Bootsy Collins
Busta Rhymes ft Tory Lanez and Vybz KartelGirlfriend [1017-2]Oct-2017Girlfriend
Gianluca VacchiViento (DJ Santarosa Hype Intro) [1017-2]Oct-2017Gianluca Vacchi - Viento (DJ Santarosa Hype Intro)
Jacquees ft Dej LoafAt The Club [1017-2]Oct-2017Jacquees ft Dej Loaf
Jasmine ThompsonWords [1017-2]Oct-2017Jasmine Thompson
Kygo ft Justin JessoStargazing [1017-2]Oct-2017Kygo ft. Justin Jesso - Stargazing
Kygo ft Sasha SloanThis Town [1017-2]Oct-2017Kygo ft Sasha Sloan
Linkin ParkOne More Light (U'Moon Remix) [1017-2]Oct-2017Linkin Park
MabelBedroom (Oliver Nelson Remix) [1017-2]Oct-2017Bedroom (Oliver Nelson Remix)
Maroon 5 ft SZAWhat Lovers Do [1017-2]Oct-2017Maroon 5 ft SZA
Miley CyrusYounger Now (DJ Premier Remix) [1017-2]Oct-2017Younger Now (DJ Premier Remix)
Nick JonasFind You (PeteDown Club Mix) [0917-2]Oct-2017Nick Jonas - Find You
OneRepublic ft SeebRich Love [1017-2]Oct-2017OneRepublic ft. Seeb - Rich Love
Portugal The Man ft 90's BeatsFeel It Still (Mighty Mi Multi Throwback Blend) [1017-2]Oct-2017Portugal The Man ft. 90s Beats - Feel It Still (Mighty Mi Multi Throwback Blend)
RDXShake Your Bam Bam [1017-2]Oct-2017RDX - Shake Your Bam Bam
RupeeTempted to touch (Boomtunes Remix) [2004]Oct-2017Rupee
Sam SmithToo Good At Goodbyes (twoDB Remix) [1017-2]Oct-2017Too Good At Goodbyes
Scotty Boy ft Lizzie CuriousShine Your Love [1017-2]Oct-2017Scotty Boy ft. Lizzie Curious - Shine Your Love
Snoop Dogg ft JeremihPoint Seen Money Gone (TheGoodfellas Redrum) [1017-2]Oct-2017Snoop Dogg ft Jeremih
Sublime ft Luis FonsiGot Despacito (Spryte Blend) [1017-2]Oct-2017Sublime ft Luis Fonsi
Yo Gotti, Mike Will Made It ft Nicki MinajRake It Up (DJ Dexterous Redrum) [1017-2]Oct-2017Made It ft Nicki Minaj
Zedd ft Alessia CaraStay (Strip Bootleg) [0917-2]Oct-2017Zedd ft Alessia Cara
Zedd, Liam PayneGet Low (Street Video) [1017-2]Oct-2017Zedd, Liam Payne
Selena GomezOnly You (Lyric) [0517-2]May-2017selena gomez
Calvin Harris ft Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Big SeanFeels [0717-2]Jul-2017calvin harris
Axwell IngrossoMore Than You Know [0717-2]Jul-2017Axwell ingrosso
The WeekndSecrets [0717-2]Jul-2017the wknd
Big SeanMoves [0217-2]Feb-2017Big Sean - Moves
TinasheCompany [0217-2]Feb-2017tinashe
Ed SheeranCastle On The Hill (Kastra & Buzzmeisters Remix) [0217-2]Feb-2017shape
Ed SheeranShape Of You (Club Killers Redum) [0217-2]Feb-2017sheeran
KieszaDearly Beloved [0217-2]Feb-2017kiesza
Little MixTouch [0217-2]Feb-2017touch
Nazo Bravo ft E-40Put It In Reverse [0217-2]Feb-2017nazo
Robbie WilliamsLove My Life [0217-2]Feb-2017robbie
Sean Paul ft Dua LipaNo Lie [0217-2]Feb-2017Sean Paul ft. Dua Lipa - No Lie (Intro).mp4
Shakira ft MalumaChantaje (curitoba Remix) [2016]Apr-2017shakira maluma
Sigala ft P Diddy, KeishaOnly One Last Night (Lee Morrison Mashup) [2007]Feb-2017sigala
The ChainsmokersParis [0217-2]Feb-2017chainsmokers
The Scott Brothers ft. Eric PaslayMy HouseFeb-2017My House
The WeekndParty Monster [0217-2]Feb-2017party monster
Alessia CaraHere (Cosmic Dawn Remix)Mar-2017Alessia Cara - Here (Cosmic Dawn Remix)
Bell Biv DeVoeI'm BettaMar-2017Bell Biv DeVoe - I'm Betta
Beyonce' ft O' Neal McKnightLove On Top (DJ Rob Dinero Remix) [0317-2]Mar-2017Beyoncé ft. O'Neal McKnight - Love On Top
DeJ LoafIn Living Color (Oh Na Na) [0217-2]Feb-2017radio
Breathe Carolina & Bassjackers ft CadeCan't Take It [0217-2]Feb-2017Breathe Carolina & Bassjackers ft. Cade - Can't Take It
DawinJumpshot (9 inch Remix) [0317-2]Mar-2017Dawin - Jumpshot (9 inch Remix)
Didi J ft ShaggySay No More [0317-2]Mar-2017Didi J ft. Shaggy - Say No More
Eric BellingerLet Me Love You [0317-2]Mar-2017Eric Bellinger - Let Me Love You
Florida Georgia Line Ft Backstreet BoysGod, Your Mama, And Me (Club Redrum) [0317-2]Mar-2017Florida Georgia Line Ft. Backstreet Boys - God, Your Mama, And Me (Club Redrum)
G Eazy ft Marc E BassySome Kind Of Drug (Earwulf Remix) [0317-2]Mar-2017G-Eazy ft. Marc E Bassy - Some Kind Of Drug (Earwulf Remix)
Gallant ft Tablo, Eric NamCave Me In [0317-2]Mar-2017Gallant ft. Tablo, Eric Nam - Cave Me In
Jason Derulo ft Ty Dolla $ign Nicki Minaj Ol' Dirty BastardSwalla (Danny Diggz Shimmy Shimmy Ya Intro) [0317-2]Mar-2017Jason Derulo ft Nicki Minaj,Ty Dolla Sign - Swalla
Katy Perry ft Skip MarleyChained To The Rhythm (Fraze Remix) [0317-2]Mar-2017Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm (The Scene Kings Remix)
KrewellaTeam (Dave Aude Remix) [0317-2]Mar-2017Krewella - Team (Rapko Remix)
LÉONLiar [0317-2]Mar-2017LÉON - Liar
Louis Tomlinson ft Steve Aoki, Diplo, DeorroJust Freak On (Steve Aoki Bootleg) [0317-2]Mar-2017Louis Tomlinson ft Steve Aoki, Diplo, Deorro - Just Freak On (Steve Aoki Bootleg)
Maroon 5 ft FutureCold (DJ Hope Redrum) [0317-2]Mar-2017Maroon 5 ft. Future - Cold (DJ Hope Redrum
Martin Garrix ft Bebe RexhaIn The Name Of Love (PeteDown remix) [0217-2]Feb-2017Martin Garrix ft. Bebe Rexha - In The Name Of Love
Michael BubléI Believe in You [0317-2]Mar-2017Michael Bublé - I Believe in You
Migos ft MC HammerBad & Broke (Schoeny Bootleg) [0317-2]Mar-2017Migos ft. MC Hammer - Bad & Broke (Schoeny Bootleg)
OmarionBDY On Me [0317-2]Mar-2017Omarion - BDY On Me
Pitbull ft Stephen MarleyOptions (Chuckie Remix) [0317-2]Mar-2017Pitbull ft Stephen Marley - Options (Chuckie Remix)
R3hab ft VÉRITÉTrouble [0317-2]Mar-2017R3hab  ft. VÉRITÉ - Trouble
RihannaSex With Me (Addal Remix) [0317-2]Mar-2017Rihanna - Sex With Me (Addal Remix)
Sabrina CarpenterThumbs Mar-2017Sabrina Carpenter - Thumbs
Sia ft Sean Paul, Henry Fong, Major LazerCheap Thrills (J Rythm One Wine Mashup) [0317-2]Mar-2017Sia ft. Sean Paul, Henry Fong, Major Lazer - Cheap Thrills
T-PainLook At Me [0317-2]Mar-2017T-Pain - Look At Me (Hype Intro)
The Chainsmokers ft LouaneParis (PeteDown Remix) [0317-2]Mar-2017The Chainsmokers ft Louane - Paris (PeteDown Remix)
The Chainsmokers ft ColdplaySomething Just Like This (Kue Remix) [0317-2]Mar-2017The Chainsmokers ft. Coldplay - Something Just Like This (Kue Remix
Chainsmokers ft ColdplaySomething Just Like This [0317-2]Mar-2017The Chainsmokers ft. Coldplay - Something Just Like This (Kue Remix
The Weeknd, Diana Ross ft KueI Feel It Coming (Mighty Mi Coming Out) [0317-2]Mar-2017The Weeknd, Diana Ross ft Kue - I Feel It Coming (Mighty Mi Coming Out)
Zara Larsson ft Ty Dolla $ignSo Good [0317-2]Mar-2017Zara Larsson ft. Ty Dolla $ign - So Good
AJ HernzWaterfall (Acoustic) [0417-2]Apr-2017AJ Hernz
AlBeezy ft CecileBoom Wuk [0417-2]Apr-2017AlBeezy ft. Cecile Boom Wuk
Ariana Grande ft FutureEveryday (The DJ Mike D Mix) [1216-2]Apr-2017Ariana Grande - Everyday
Brooke Candy ft SiaLiving Out Loud [0417-2]Apr-2017Brooke Candy ft. Sia - Living Out Loud
Caroline D Amore ft Aya MararLove Somebody (DJ Kontrol MGM Remix) [0417-2]Apr-2017Caroline D Amore ft. Aya Marar - Love Somebody (DJ Kontrol  MGM Remix)
Charisse MillsOne In A Million [0417-2]Apr-2017Charisse Mills
Cheat CodesShed A Light (Acoustic) [0417-2]Apr-2017Cheat Codes -  Shed A Light
Clean Bandit ft Zara LarssonSymphony [0417-2]Apr-2017Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson - Symphony
Don Diablo ft PinkSwitch (Deville Party Starter Bootleg) [0417-2]Apr-2017Don Diablo ft Pink
Enrique Iglesias ft Descemer Bueno, Zion & LennoxSubeme La Radio [0417-2]Apr-2017Enrique Iglesias ft. Descemer Bueno, Zion & Lennox - Subeme La Radio
Era Istrefi ft Felix SnowRedrum [0417-2]Apr-2017Era Istrefi ft Felix Snow
Flo Rida & 99 PercentCake [0417-2]Apr-2017Flo Rida & 99 Percent -  Cake
Hayley KiyokoSleepover [0417-2]Apr-2017Hayley Kiyoko - Sleepove
Jeremih ft Chris Brown, Big SeanI Think Of You [0417-2]Apr-2017Jeremih ft. Chris Brown, Big Sean - I Think Of You.jpg
Julia MichaelsIssues [0417-2]Apr-2017Julia Michaels - Issues.jpg
Lindsey Stirling ft PhelbaHold My Heart [0417-2]Apr-2017Lindsey Stirling ft. Phelba - Hold My Heart
Lindsey Stirling ft RootyLove's Just A Feeling [0417-2]Apr-2017Lindsey Stirling ft. Rooty - Love's Just A Feeling
Nav ft The WeekndSome Way [0417-2]Apr-2017Nav ft The Weeknd
Prince Royce ft ShakiraDeja Vu [0417-2]Apr-2017Prince Royce ft. Shakira - Deja Vu
Sean Paul ft Tory LanezTek Weh Yuh Heart [0417-2]Apr-2017Sean Paul ft. Tory Lanez - Tek Weh Yuh Heart
Seth SentryPlay It Safe [0417-2]Apr-2017Seth Sentry - Play It Safe
Shaggy ft OMISeasons [0417-2]Apr-2017Shaggy ft. OMI- Seasons
Steve Aoki & Louis TomlinsonJust Hold On [0417-2]Apr-2017Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson - Just Hold On
Take ThatGiants [0417-2]Apr-2017Take That - Giants
Trey SongzShe Lovin It [0417-2]Apr-2017Trey Songz - She Lovin It
Trey SongzSong Goes Off [0417-2]Apr-2017Trey Songz
WizKidSweet Love [0417-2]Apr-2017WizKid
Yasutaka Nakata ft Charli XCXCrazy Crazy (Sean Rick Redrum) [0417-2]Apr-2017Yasutaka Nakata ft. Charli XCX - Crazy Crazy (Sean Rick Redrum)
Afrojack & David Guetta ft Ester DeanAnother Life [0517-2]May-2017Afrojack - Another Life
Afrojack, David Guetta ft Ester DeanAnother Life (Intro)May-2017Afrojack, David Guetta ft Ester Dean - Another Life (Intro)
Alex AionoWork The Middle (Tuff Turf ReWork) [0517-2]May-2017Alex Aiono - Work The Middle (Tuff Turf ReWork)
Austin Mahone ft PitbullLady [0517-2]May-2017Austin Mahone ft Pitbull - Lady
CadeSorry For Myself (Acoustic) [0517-2]May-2017Cade - Sorry For Myself (Acoustic)
Celine DionHow Does A Moment Last Forever [0517-2]May-2017Celine Dion - How Does A Moment Last Forever
CeraadiWe In Here May-2017Ceraadi - We In Here (Intro)
Chace ft Yade LaurenSomething About YouMay-2017Chace ft. Yade Lauren - Something About You
Charli XCX ft MØ3AM (Pull Up) [0517-2]May-2017Charli XCX ft MØ - 3AM (Pull Up)
Charlie PuthAttention (PeteDown NuDisco Mix) [0517-2]May-2017Charlie Puth - Attention (PeteDown NuDisco Mix)
Cheat Codes ft Demi LovatoNo PromisesMay-2017Cheat Codes ft Demi Lovato - No Promises
Chris BrownPrivacyMay-2017Chris Brown - Privacy
Coldplay ft The ChainsmokerSomething Just Like This (Bounce Edit)May-2017Coldplay ft The Chainsmoker - Something Just Like This (Bounce Edit)
CupidCupid Shuffle (DJ Hope) [2007]May-2017Cupid - Cupid Shuffle (DJ Hope)
David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj, Lil WayneLight My Body Up (Tujamo Remix)May-2017David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne - Light My Body Up
Gryffin & Illenium ft DayaFeel Good (Intro) [0517-2]May-2017Daya - Sit Still Look Pretty (PeteDown Remix)
DJ Cassidy ft Grace, Lil YachtyHonor [0517-2]May-2017DJ Cassidy ft Grace, Lil Yachty - Honor
DNCE ft Nicki MinajKissing Strangers (Lyric) [0517-2]May-2017DNCE ft Nicki Minaj - Kissing Strangers (Lyric)
Ed SheeranGalway Girl [0517-2]May-2017Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl
FenixAll Around The World (Kue Remix) [0517-2]May-2017Fenix - All Around The World (Kue Remix)
Future ft RihannaSelfish May-2017Future ft Rihanna - Selfish (Intro
Grandtheft ft Delaney JaneEasy Go (Grandtheft VIP Remix) [0517-2]May-2017Grandtheft ft Delaney Jane - Easy Go (Grandtheft VIP Remix) (Dirty)
Jacob LatimoreLove Drug [0517-2]May-2017Jacob Latimore - Love Drug
James ArthurSay You Wont Let Go (OTRAY Remix) May-2017James Arthur - Say You Wont Let Go (OTRAY Remix)
James BluntBartenderMay-2017James Blunt - Bartender
JaniceLove You Like I Should [0517-2]May-2017Janice - Love You Like I Should
Jennifer HudsonRemember Me]May-2017Jennifer Hudson - Remember Me
JoJo ft Wiz KhalifaNo Apologies (The Wixard Remix) May-2017JoJo ft Wiz Khalifa - No Apologies (The Wixard Remix)

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