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With the advance of the Coronavirus now reaching and exceeding 100,000 cases worldwide, many world music stars have forcibly decided to cancel concerts and tours around the cities. This was done to avoid gathering people from the public and spreading the infection from person to person. Nobody in the world is immune to the COVID-19 […]

An exciting new week in music! here is the list of new songs coming into rotation on your favorite music channel! Let’s start immediately with the return in style of Enrique Iglesias and the Featuring of Jon Z, the title is “Despues que te perdì”. Another Latin language song is by Natalia Jimenez entitled “Nunca […]

Mariah Carey comes out with a new single “A no no” This time our Mariah seems really agitated towards a person who betrayed her, perhaps not only physically but also morally. This new song seems just a vent and a liberation of words. It is not natural to find words like “slut” in the loving […]