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Tamiga And 2Bad drops new song on September 2022 titled “Forever”

Written by on 12/09/2022

Tamiga and 2Bad drops new song on September 2022 titled “Forever”

Tamiga And 2Bad filmed in the city where Dracula was born.

Vlad Tepes (Vlad III Dracul, son of Vlad II Dracul*) was born in the winter of 1431 (December 7th – Saggitarius) in Sighisoara.
At those times the town was under Hungarian rule.

So on every street we can see signs suggesting to the tourists that this is the place where Dracula was born.
There is even a sign leading to what is claimed to be the room where he was born.

But don’t be very naive, there isn’t strong evidence where exactly that dreadful ruler started his life.
Most probably Dracula had not been a vampire ( nobody knows ) but what he had done was far scarier than the vampire stories.

Probably this is the reason Bram Stoker used him as a character in his book Dracula.

From this week into V2BEAT TV LIVE music rotation


Tamiga And 2Bad – Forever | Official Video Extended


Tamiga & 2BAD Duo Singers from Romania are out with “Love Is In The Air”, interview watch

On day 9th July @5pm (UTC+2h) Roma time during POP NEWS Episode we had live from Bucharest singer duo TAMIGA & 2Bad --tune on here below the entire interview:

Irresistible Tamiga&2Bad are out with new “SUMMER IN DUBAI”
Tamiga & 2bad Summer In Dubai

Irresistible Tamiga&2Bad are out with new "SUMMER IN DUBAI" song and video     Tamiga&2Bad is a Romanian based project enjoying international success. The duo just launched a new single called "Summer in Dubai" which is a perfect mix between oriental music influences and the refreshing summer sound of the sea waves. The music video of the new single offers wild, breath taking views of the projects home country landscapes renowned for their beauty world wide. You can keep up with the latest updates about Tamiga&2Bad on the major social media platforms. YouTube: Instagram: Instagram: Faceboom: Read more

A new heavenly song from Tamiga & 2bad: Paradise
Tamiga And 2bad Paradise

The very nice Romanian singer duo, Tamiga & 2BAD are back this winter season with a new single. The video portrays the singer in a slightly romantic-sensual way in an ethereal atmosphere.

Tamiga&2Bad have filmed in a haunted place drops their latest single “AYAYA”
Tamiga & 2bad Ayaya

Tamiga&2Bad have filmed in a haunted place Enjoying international success, the two artists loved by a varied public are launching today a new song with a fresh sound and oriental influences. The music video for “AYAYA” was filmed inside the Bazilescu Summer Theatre, which is considered one of the five most haunted places in Bucharest. “There’s a rumor on the Internet according to which the theatre is haunted by the ghost of Bazilescu, a jurist who donated the land where the park was created. Also, there’s a website presenting the story of this place, where people who are interested in Read more

POP NEWS, Ester: interview with duo Tamiga & 2BAD, watch
POP NEWS, Ester: interview with duo Tamiga & 2BAD

POP NEWS, Ester: interview with duo Tamiga & 2BAD, watch the full interview   During the episode of POP NEWS, with the company of DJGA$, we had the pleasure to get in connection with Bucharest (Romania) discovering the Duo singer Tamiga & 2Bad, let's watch the video interview:

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