Tamiga And 2Bad Release Vibrant New Pop Song “Amor” with Exclusive Video Premiere on “OASIS WAVES” by V2BEAT.live

Written by on 04/03/2024

 Tamiga & 2Bad Release Vibrant New Pop Song “Amor” with Exclusive Video Premiere on “OASIS WAVES” by V2BEAT.live


Tamiga And 2Bad, the dynamic duo known for their infectious pop tracks, have recently unveiled their latest release titled “Amor.”

Tamiga & 2Bad have recently released a new pop song called “Amor”. The track combines elements of Latin music, creating a vibrant yet dreamy atmosphere.
The song’s lyrics talk about passion and love for a special person, with a message that conveys the desire to live every moment with them.
“Amor” is a song that will immediately win you over with its fresh sound and sensitive lyrics. It’s a song you won’t be able to resist listening to on repeat and will quickly become one of your favourites.

This upbeat and lively song is a fusion of pop and Latin music, delivering a unique and captivating sound that is sure to resonate with listeners worldwide.



Tamiga And 2bad Amor

Tamiga And 2bad Amor

°”Amor” combines catchy melodies, rhythmic beats, and vibrant instrumentation, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere from start to finish. With its infectious chorus and uplifting lyrics, the song is a celebration of love and positivity, perfect for any summer playlist.



Now, Tamiga & 2Bad are thrilled to announce the exclusive premiere of the “Amor” music video, which will be featured inside the “OASIS WAVES” segment on V2BEAT.live. “OASIS WAVES” is a special segment played by the European channel television V2BEAT.live, showcasing selected quality music that promises to captivate and inspire listeners.

The “OASIS WAVES” segments are aired twice a day, at 10AM and 8PM, providing listeners with the perfect soundtrack to their mornings and evenings. The premiere of the “Amor” music video will be a highlight of these appointments, offering viewers a visual and auditory treat that is not to be missed.

In addition to “Amor,” fans can also enjoy some of Tamiga & 2Bad’s past releases, including:

  1. “Sunset with me” – A catchy and upbeat track that transports listeners to a tropical paradise with its infectious melodies and feel-good vibes.
  2. “Forever” – An anthem for the summer season, featuring upbeat rhythms and sunny lyrics that will have listeners dancing all night long.
  3. “Paradise” – A dreamy and romantic ballad that showcases Tamiga & 2Bad’s versatility as artists, with its heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies.


Listeners can catch the premiere of the “Amor” music video exclusively on “OASIS WAVES” by V2BEAT.live, where it will be played during the morning 10Am and evening 8PM appointments. Be sure to tune in to experience the magic of Tamiga & 2Bad’s latest release in all its glory.

“Amor” is now available for streaming on all major platforms, and fans can look forward to more exciting releases from Tamiga & 2Bad in the near future.

In conclusion, “Amor” is a vibrant and uplifting pop song that showcases Tamiga & 2Bad’s talent and creativity. With its infectious melodies, upbeat tempo, and feel-good vibes, “Amor” is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners everywhere.



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