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In this music segment we select the Best Songs that worth to be re-listened, two times each hour we propose the best of the nearly past years HITS!
  Every days   At the 20th & 40th Min of each hour


The very best of the Past HITS

We select the very best of the POP starting from year Seventeen’s till 2007
Do not miss it!
  Every days   At the first quarter of each hour

in the club

‘N The Club DJ Mix

Weplay for 15 min a DJ MIX session of the actual Hits Rotation, made by our DJ SQUAD
  Every days  At the Third Quarter of each Hour

eu top40

The European TOP40

HITS POP CHART update weekly,
in collaboration with MATARIKI FM
  Sat   2.00PM and Sunday (R) 2.00PM     [UTC+2h]




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The new trend of Nightclub DJ’s, not only a record spinning… Throughout places in Europe, Canada and the United States, DJ’s are making a name for themselves while spinning at great club spots. It is important that DJ’s try to use their trade in an environment such as a night club because it is there […]

Don’t forget to tune on VIBEE RADIO&TV every Saturday afternoon at 2.00 PM (CEST) to be updated on the latest POP HIST of the WEEK! In case you lost it, will be re-casted on SATURDAY Morning at 9.00AM (CEST)   Here the last week #10 hits chart: Artist Song # DRAKE God’s Plan 01 RUDIMENTAL FT […]

Miley Cyrus: The Haters Although Miley Cyrus is beloved by voluminous fans everywhere the globe, there’s a forest of individuals WHO hate her such a lot. Some typical examples are often named like Katy Perry, Jamie Foxx, Jonas Brothers, Taylor Momsen and fashion knowledgeable Tim Gunn. Now, let\’s see what they talked concerning the film […]

Michael Jackson Merchandise Since the news of his death, it looks everyone is shopping for vocaliser merchandise as quick because the sellers will grasp out! What ar they shopping for and is it price anything? the worth of this kind of record isn’t usually established with a cut and dry formula. it’s determined by the […]

Sam Skilz & Michelle Weeks drops a new videoclip from today on Vibee’s TV music Channel rotation. Luxembourg’s Sam Skilz joins forces with one of America’s most loved Soulful divas, Michelle Weeks, on a potent peak time House romp titled ‘Release’. Michelle commands the dance floor with her powerful directive over an uplifting backdrop of […]

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