16 new pop songs that worth to be listen during summer 2022 presented by Jay Gram

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16 new pop songs that worth to be listen during summer 2022 presented by Jay Gram onV2BEAT TV weekly playlist.

Welcome back dear friends all listeners from Jay Gram, here I am another episode of Hot Pop News, the weekly appointment to know the great pop clip songs and new tracks of the Latin / POP / Dance segments.

V2beat Jay Gram

V2beat Jay Gram

Here 16 new pop songs that worth to be listen during summer 2022 presented by Jay Gram onV2BEAT TV music channel.

  • Murda Beatz – No Mas (ft Quavo, J Balvin, Anitta, Pharrell)
  • Solardo, Vintage Culture, Lowes – Adidas & Pearls
  • Sophie Ellis Bextor – Hypnotized
  • The Chainsmokers – Why Can’t You Wait (ft Bob Moses)
  • WRS – Llamame
  • Armin van Buuren – Feel Again (ft Wrabel)
  • Burna Boy – Vanilla
  • Calvin Harris – Stay With Me (ft Justin Timberlake, Halsey, Pharrell)
  • David Guetta – Family Affair (Dance For Me) [Mary J Blige]
  • Ronde – Love Myself
  • Sean Paul – Light My Fire (ft Gwen Stefani, Shenseea)
  • Sickotoy, Britt Lari – Now
  • Gran Error, Elvana Gjata, Antonia – Clap Clap
  • Harry Styles – Late Night Talking
  • Joe Stone – Lean On Me
  • Martin Garrix, DallasK, Sasha Alex Sloan – Loop

welcome to the kind audience of the beautiful music and videos of the v2beat TV music channel. I’m Jay Gram and this week there is a lot of news in the pop dance and latin music industry.

A new DJ producer joins the aforementioned artists this summer, it’s Solardo with Vintage Culture and Lowes the title is Adidas & Pearls, undoubtedly a musical summer breeze.

The girl with the sexy voice, or Sophie Ellis Bextor returns to the music scene with the new “Hypnotized”, very good, in the typical style of the beautiful Ellis.

The Chhainsmoker now emit a song a month, if not more, and I must say all of them are of great quality and the new “Why can’t you wait, the beautiful voice of Bob Moses completes it definitively.”

We still remain in the dance, the Dutch Armin Van Buuren, the king of pop / trance music, comes out with the new song “Feel Again”, the scratchy voice is of the singer Wrabel, sure success, very catchy.

Always in the dance segment we find two new BIG releases of the pop song: the first is Family Affair (Dance with Me) which was originally sung by Mary J Blige, proposed by the French DJ David Guetta.

The second is a great collaboration with Calvin Harris, Justin Timberlake, Halsey, Pharrell, entitled “Stay With me”. Here too the union makes a nice force of impact! sure success that will drag on also in autumn / winter.

To end with the dance, I would like to point out Martin Garrix, DallasK, Sasha Alex Sloan – Loop.

In the black and Latin segment we have other great artistic collaborations, first of all Sean Paul, Gwen Stefani, Shenseea with “light my fire”, what can I say? definitely lights the fire! well, let’s not joke, I mean the dance fire on the floor!
Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu AKA Burna Boy, the Nigerian singer comes out with his new and very beautiful “Vanilla”, also appreciable Ronde’s song – Love Myself

Harry Styles – Late Night Talking is not wrong, no doubt, he is a 360 ° artist.

Also a recommendation for artists from the Balkans with Sickotoy, Britt Lari – Now and Gran Error, Elvana Gjata, Antonia – Clap Clap.

Well that’s all ladies and gentlemen, as usual time is limited and therefore I invite you to tune in to V2BEAT Music Tv and download the app to have your music always with you, on the street, in home, by car, anywhere!

Now is time I salute you and wish you a happy week from your JAY GRAM!



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