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POP DM GATE new week with Monoir, Doja Cat, Klaas & Vanotek in a micromix are here…

Written by on 06/07/2020

Hello from DANIELE MILANI , This time the new Micromix includes 4 current tracks that are rotating this week on V2BEAT, let’s look at them and listen more closely:


This week’s new Micromix which includes 4 tracks

1 – MONOIR feat. Ameline – Midnight in Norway (MalYar Remix)
Cristian Nicolae Tarcea in art Monoir proposes this track for the summer, easy but well made sounds, very good the vocalist Ameline. It will work on Spanish beaches.

2 – Doja Cat Ft. Gucci Mane – Like That (Fitsch & CLY Remix)
Here is the 5th single from his 2019 album, his success remains unknown to me, perhaps for the captivating videos or perhaps for his young beauty? but the numbers prove her right! this young artist likes likes likes.

3 – Klaas & Londonbeat – I’ve Been Thinking About You (Klaas Extended Remix)
Klaas Gerling the German DJ and producer proposes this historic Londonbeat song of the 90s, refreshing it in a deep house key: great job.

4 – Vanotek feat Bastien – Talk To Me (Vadim Adamov & Hardphol Remix)
Vanotek (born Ion Chirinciuc) is a Romanian record producer of Moldovan origin and disc jockey song Pop. Cute song with super easy sounds.
The remix of the duo Vadim Adamov & Hardphol is excellent.

Happy listening on V2BEAT

As always they started rotating on V2BEAT Music TVision!


Carefully Selected with love for you by Daniele Milani Music Designer & Critic

WHEN PLAYED?: POP DM GATE, on air on V2BEAT Music TVision @-10min before clocktime





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