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Hello from DANIELE MILANI , This time my new Micromix includes 4 current new tracks that are rotating this week on V2BEAT, let’s have a look more in detail:

Hello from Daniele Milani, this time I’d like to remind you guys the best of a great female R&B artist: Toni Braxton. I chose these 4 tracks to create a Toni Braxton’ Micromix in 10 minutes. Personally, my historian friend Ivano Spada considers her among the ten most beautiful female voices in the world. Rising […]

Dear girls and boys, listeners and viewers of the music channel you love, here are some of the news of the third week of November 2019 that come into rotation on the web channel dedicated to the POP & Dance music. This week we will dedicate the episode mostly to the recent best remixes of […]