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Oblivia, a special amusement park with an intimate message to life: it is the new video for Katy Perry “Chained to the rhythm.” As always, Katy’s songs have inherent messages: she runs through the park, while examining what really drives us in life: the dream of owning a home, love, family and more. Perry achieves […]

The video clip, directed by “Derek Hough” In emotional visual chronicle of a couple of young, since They first met as children, to literally grow old together. A story like many others, perhaps our own, but which always manages to human emotions. the video offers beautiful dance choreography that creates a prefect harmony between the […]

Sia: an Hide Face behind an amazing voice” Sia, the Grammy-nominated artist She is surely one of the biggest musical geniuses in Hollywood, she is The brains behind many hits from Beyonce, Rihanna, and Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Jessie J. But she is incredibly shy when it comes to showing her face. So you can’t never see her face in her […]

You surely remember when Shakira hypnotize us since “Hip Don’t Lie”  With her seductive choreography and sultry voice. Fast forward 11 years later, and we’re just as mesmerized. The 39-year-old singer is now breaking records with her new music video “Chantaje” featuring fellow Colombian Maluma.  The 22-year-old sexy guy and the superstar were undoubtedly a lethal […]

What do you remember about Nelly Furtado? Nelly Furtado is a canadian singer and songwriter of portuguese origins. She gained fame with her debut album in 2000 (Whoa, Nelly!) , known in particular thanks to “I’m like a bird” and “Turn off the light”. The most famous album of her career was “Loose” released in […]

Since the beginning of his singer careers, Justin Bieber succeded into seduce crowd of girls only through a nice face and an attractive look and way of doing….yes, attractive for female teenagers under …maybe 16 years old. Cause of his limitated target of fan (under 16), Justin Bieber hasn’t exactlybeen viewed as a true artist […]

By Cisca Benitez As you know, Clean Bandit is a british electronic and house music group made up in 2009. They rose to the top of the UK single chart in 2014 with the single “Extraordinary” and reached the worldwide success thanks to the colaboration with Jess Glynne in “Real Love”. During 2016 the band […]

COMPLICITY BETWEEN MADONNA AND ARIANA GRANDE DECLARED BY THE “QUEEN OF POP” THROUGH A VIDEO SHARING. By Cisca Benitez Madonna has always shown to the World that she doesn’t mince one’s word to express her opinion about younger pop stars. But Ariana Grande, the young 23 years old popstar , shall not to be afraid […]

January 2017 will start with a great entry! A new TV program is going to be produced and presented by our CISCA BENITEZ. The name of the show is now selected: POPAGOGO, namelly the funny news coming from the music world! Stay tuned!  

Good news for lovers of Italian elegance. VibeeTV has signed a partnership with some of the best producers of Italian Fashion. In fact, the idea ‘came from our loyal listeners from around the world: how to get the Italian fashionable clothing lines without spending a fortune? Well, we did it! we are now starting with […]

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