This time we talk about us: where we come from? yes, I know you’re curious to know. Not everyone in our team are mainly Italians but we want you to see our surroundings. Monza, city ‘historic northern Italy. Here are some striking images of this beautiful city ‘. The cathedral, the small shopping streets, […]

Run through the leaves And now autumn, the leaves begin to fall off the trees, the days get shorter and the evening begins to make some fresh. This and ‘the right time to make nice rides through the woods (if you are in the country), or in the leafy streets of your city’. You hear […]

|| NOW LIVE ON CHANNEL || watch in full size: Robin Thicke is a creepy rapist in this “Blurred Lines” Parody!!!!! [yasr_visitor_votes size=”small”]

Ryanair Flight regulamentation New flight regulations to whom is booking a trip: Subject: Confirmation for your flight > Confirmed Reservation Number: J8YC8F Flight FR 6367 From: Bergamo Milan To: Barcelona You are shortly booked to travel on a Ryanair flight (your flight details are detailed above). In case of overbooking you are kindly request ground […]

On the occasion of the National Day of China, the October 1, the police had a very unusual assignment: inspect the ass 10,000 pigeons, which should have been released in Tiananmen Square on the occasion of ceremonies. Some journalists have speculated that they were looking for explosives planted in the bottoms of pigeons, for terrorist […]

[yasr_top_ten_highest_rated]GAY PUSSY CAT Do you love animals and do not ever would you give up? only the dogs or cats? do you think a woman drove her house cat, claiming that the animal would be homosexual. The woman has publicly accused the cat of “having an unnatural sexual behavior“ and represent “a contradiction of the […]

you who are chic, you should bring your wrist HALLUCINATION, the most expensive watch in the world. He presented the British diamond Graff House at Baselworld, 2014 at ‘ reasonable ‘ price of 55 million dollars. This piece, called “Hallucination“ and intended to hit – and wealthy – female clients, is a kaleidoscope of 110 […]

The American Katella Dash underwent intervention for a sex change at age 23 and since then he has an obsession with plastic surgery. with the passage of time has become dependent on cosmetic surgery , so as to spend more than 70 thousand euro to become a woman of ‘ plastic ‘ . A true […]

Do not take it anymore. Today to come to the studio it took me 1 hour and a half. I found all the red lights, a nightmare. I can not understand how he did that motorist in New York. Think , has correctly calculated the cruise speed that allowed him to go 55 consecutive green […]

Jesolo, near Venice, on Wednesday evening. A guy was stopped by police on a scooter . and ‘ uninsured and the scooter he was kidnapped . so called ‘ the father called to be picked up . But when the father …… twist …. is drunk …… and in turn is stopped and prosecuted for […]

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