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Deep 10′ Micromix Daniele Milani: Duke Dumont,DJ Kuba, Caius

Written by on 26/06/2021

Deep 10′ Micromix Daniele Milani: on V2BEAT; In this mix you can enjoy listening: Duke Dumont, Kid Enigma – Let Me Dance (Extended Mix); DJ Kuba x Neitan x Skytech – Dancing (Extended Mix); Caius – In The Sun (Extended Mix); and at the end:Fat Larry’s Band – Lookin ‘For Love (Dj’ ‘S’ ‘Instrumental Remix) ; stay tuned onto my new MICROMIX on V2beat music radio and television.

           New Micromix this week which includes 4 tracks The Best of  New Dance songs.

This 10′ MICROMIX Will be played on 26/06/21 @15:50 and then scheduled during the day on DJ MIX @-10′ each hour.

MICROMIX n.241 New Dance

New Micromix this week which includes 4 tracks.

1 – Duke Dumont, Kid Enigma – Let Me Dance (Extended Mix)
‘Duke Dumont’, aka ‘Adam Dyment’, is a British disc jockey and record producer.
Two great producers have joined. Very bad and full-bodied super House track. Sounds very active and suitable for dancing in the most important clubs. Very good.

2 – DJ Kuba x Neitan x Skytech – Dancing (Extended Mix)
Another union of important Deejays, they have taken a Song House of the 90s and have upset it with many effects and worse kick. Both the very young and the over 40 will like it. Very clever good.

3 – Caius – In The Sun (Extended Mix)
No info on this artist. Pop Dance sounds very elegant and well cared for, the vocalist is very good both technically and vocally. To keep an eye on.

4 – Fat Larry’s Band – Lookin ‘For Love (Dj’ ‘S’ ‘Instrumental Remix)
Step back into the past with this Funky track. as always immense the remix work of the great (Dj ” S ”). Music for discerning ears.

Good listening on V2BEAT


Daniele Milani Music Designer & Music Critic



Every -10 min to the CLOCKTIME

This 10′ MICROMIX Will be played on 26/06/21 @17:50 and then scheduled during the day on DJ MIX @-10′ each hour.


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