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Written by on 16/09/2020


Hello everyone from Daniele Milani, here is my Micromix by this week which includes 4 tracks: the new track by Katy Perry, CamelPath, the South Korean group of BTS, an ice cream from the group of BLACK PINK with Selena Gomez. Have a good listening and have fun with V2BEAT live Music television

1 – Katy Perry – Cry about it later (Nastasio’s Full Vocal Remix)
New single from the great Katy Perry. Excellent track, as always she performs some Hits that everyone likes. Crazy this remix version of Nastasio’s.
2 – CamelPhat, Yannis, Foals – Hypercolour
This new single is very bad, super electronic and psychedelic sounds. Great for late night dancing.
3 – BTS Dynamite (Tropical Remix)
This South Korean boy band for 7 years is a Pop Dance reality that appeals to young people. Cute this track.
4 – BLACK PINK x Selena Gomez – Ice Cream (Ferry Remix)
They are 4 very young Korean girls. Very nice track with fresh sounds and sexyvideo. Ferry’s remix is excellent.


The South Korean group BTS made up of seven artist boys can be judged in many ways, from negative to positive comment, however they remain one of the recent groups of mental success as young artists.
In their latest and most introspective work, they speak of music as the essence and total experience of their life. Without music there is no life and joy and this is expressed in their latest video shot in a decaying multi-stores warehouse skeleton. The ballet follows the classic with modern provocations. More than to listen is to see.

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In case you lost the episode, you can listen here:

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