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Peeing in the Pool

Written by on March 19, 2014

Pipi in piscinayou ‘re careful when you go in the pool ? Are you sure? sure you’ve never peed ‘ ? Doing the pee in the pool because it hurts the lungs. Of who does and who does not . It was discovered by researchers at China Agricultural University and Purdue University. Blame uric acid, which helps with chlorine to form a chemical hazardous to the respiratory system.
chlorine used to disinfect the pool do reaction,  giving rise to dangerous substances . These substances are inhaled by people when they swim, damaging their airways. Not only the cyanogen chloride that is formed in the pool can also affect the heart and central nervous system. ” If you avoid the swimmers pee in the pool, the water and air quality will improve, regardless of other changes in the composition of the water or air ,” scientists warn.


Marco Guarino

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