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Peeing in the Pool

Written by on 19/03/2014

Pipi in piscinayou ‘re careful when you go in the pool ? Are you sure? sure you’ve never peed ‘ ? Doing the pee in the pool because it hurts the lungs. Of who does and who does not . It was discovered by researchers at China Agricultural University and Purdue University. Blame uric acid, which helps with chlorine to form a chemical hazardous to the respiratory system.
chlorine used to disinfect the pool do reaction,  giving rise to dangerous substances . These substances are inhaled by people when they swim, damaging their airways. Not only the cyanogen chloride that is formed in the pool can also affect the heart and central nervous system. ” If you avoid the swimmers pee in the pool, the water and air quality will improve, regardless of other changes in the composition of the water or air ,” scientists warn.


Marco Guarino

scuola fellatio 21

Let's talk about Fellatio . The psychologist and sexologist Catherine Lyubimov has opened in Moscow the first school in the world of oral sex , to teach women - young and old - how to win your man in bed with a " perfect fellatio ." Classes are held three times a week and provide practical tests on which and with which to grapple . No pattern in the flesh on which to test their skills , or for the final evaluation , but only bananas and latex phalluses to learn all the techniques , the movements , the "tricks Read more

A finger for you…
medium finger

Firefighter shows the middle finger after another fine arrested in Milan. It is heavily against a woman who often parked in " no parking " in front of a school in Milan and , although he was in civilian clothes , was able to do it fine once again by his colleagues and then showed his middle finger. For this and other episodes a policeman ended up under house arrest. Not satisfied, the officer began to chase bike the woman who walked away in the car with her daughter and she scared to " get protection" has stopped and you Read more

New Hot Micromix by Daniele Milani: Ed Sheeran, Tiesto+Ava Max, Robin Schulz
N The Club Dj Mix By Daniele Milani Robin Shulz

Hello Good friends from DJ Daniele Milani, This is my new Hot Micromix:  During this gig you can enjoy listening: Ed Sheeran - Overpass Graffiti (Remix); Tiësto & Ava Max - The Motto (Extended Mix); Robin Schulz & Dennis Lloyd Young Right Now (Extended Mix); and at the end: Joel Corry feat. Mabel - I Wish (Extended Mix);  stay with us tuned on my new MICROMIX on V2beat music radio and television.   This 10' MICROMIX Will be played on 26/11/21 @14:50 and then scheduled during the day on DJ MIX @-10' each even hour.   MICROMIX n.261 New Dance Read more

perfect day1

What is the recipe for a perfect day? 36 minutes of work, 106 sex These are the results of a study dedicated to the optimization of time in the day to promote good living The recipe for the perfect day requires an adequate proportion of time devoted to work and space to do what you love. To fully enjoy the joy of life, to obtain the maximum of well-being are used daily 106 minutes dedicated to sex while at work it takes only 36 .. The data shows a simple indication: the perfect day to be dedicated to doing what Read more

Stop bla bla bla!
female voic

Enough! please do not talk anymore, I'm tired ! This not only I say ... The female voice in the male brain creates fatigue. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Sheffield female voice causes fatigue in the human brain . The problem is to identify the biological constitution of the brain and the woman's voice . According to the results of the study , therefore , if men do not tend to listen to most women "do not actually have any guilt for what may appear as a lack of attention ." The female voice Read more

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