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The excesses of Bieber

Written by on 11/03/2014

This post will be dedicated to a singer who in the last year has combined many, but so ‘many , that more’ can not ‘ do. we’re talking about Justin Bieber that all ‘ culmination of a year of wild life has been arrested. The ” extravagance ” of the pop star is documented by its most recent performance . Rewinding the tape of his last year we REALISE That We face a constellation of actions alleged bad boy youth . Retrace step by step all the mess that has managed to combine : A couple of weeks ago, with a lot of security cameras pointed at , it is made to resume while pulling eggs from his home to that of your neighbors . And if Justin was playing the small farmer crazy his friend snorting cocaine in the living room : the police caught them both.
About a month ago he had dabbled with a couple of Brazilian escort . Once he gets kicked out of a hotel first took refuge in another that seems to have made ​​a mess all the furniture . The young lady who accompanied him , having exhausted Justin , has made a short video memory of the event which he then posted on youtube. Between Brazil and Argentina seems that JustJustin Biebern has spent more time in nightclubs and in the company of girls from the open character that in the rehearsal room .
Just in Argentina, during a concert, he stepped on the flag of the South American country and away from the stage and risking a diplomatic incident Canada – Argentina .
In the past year , then you do not count the complaints of fights, the removal from the nightlife , the crowds, the fines for speeding and the times when Bieber was caught drunk while not having the legal drinking age .
When the stage is often that between collapses , vomiting and fainting may not be able to complete even the performace in a satisfactory manner . At Christmas, the blond pop tweeted a ” I’m retiring from the stage ,” but few had thought that at 19 years old and at the height of fame Bieber could choose (or to enable him to choose ) to give up the money machine in which it is processed.
The Biebers fans, for their part , remain very faithful to their idol and defend him even when he is accused of mistreating his pet monkey forcing a grueling tour around the world to be with his young master . Bieber who has spent the last Wednesday night in jail before being released on bail . It seems to ” justify” the singer there is some sort of dependence on steroids that alter the mood. Bieber, to define its hood macho physique , use the Clenbuterol a medication for horses that would have given him a strong dependence . Despite drink and smoke marijuana Justin began to take steroids to get the turtle chest body. His physique is changing in a short time and his behavior is becoming uncontrollable. Now promises a period in rehab as punishment for the stunt racing game . Will the rehabilitation center to bring into line the unruly kid ?


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