MICROMIX best Y2K’s music with Ke$ha, INNA, K. Perry, M Gray

Written by on 25/11/2020

Hello everyone from Daniele Milani, my new MICROMIX best Y2K’s music of mixed tracks this week is the second of a new series that “dust off” the first decade of year 2000 music that is what we at V2BEAT call “Lost Music hits”. In this Micromix you will hear: Ke$ha, INNA, Katy Perry and Michael Gray, good listening!

MICROMIX n, 182 Hits 2000/2010

New Micromix this week which includes 4 tracks

1 – Ke$ha – Take It Off (Billboard Remix)
‘Kesha’, born Kesha Rose Sebert (Los Angeles, March 1, 1987), is an American singer-songwriter and actress.
She began her career in 2009 immediately establishing herself as a new Pop protagonist.
This single is part of her first album. Commercial Pop sound with electronic influences, this remix gives an extra boost from the Radio version.
Lately she lends herself as an actress in American television series with moderate success. Chameleon.

2 – Michael Gray feat Shelly Poole – Borderline (Club Mix)
‘Michael Gray’, full name ‘Michael Anthony Shefford Gray’ (Dumbarton, 4 December 1979), is a British disc jockey.
Great London DJ, who became famous for his first production “The Weekend”. This single ‘Borderline’ was certainly less successful but in my opinion more beautiful and sophisticated than the first.
As always Unfortunately, quality is for a few connoisseurs.

3 – Inna – Sun Is Up (The Perez Brothers Remix)
Inna, stage name of ‘Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu’ (Mangalia, October 16, 1986), is a Romanian singer.
Since 2008 it is a small reality in the Eastern Europe Commercial Dance scene.
This single is not bad, his voice is interesting, but in my humble opinion the musical work is too basic and simple. advice to you is to find international producers.

4 – Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (Dennis Lee Remix)
‘Katy Perry’, pseudonym of ‘Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson’ (Santa Barbara, October 25, 1984), is an American singer-songwriter and actress.
For over 20 years she has been one of the ten world protagonists of world Pop music.
This 2010 single is beautiful perfect without smudging. The work of DJ ‘Dennis Lee’ is great. What to say about her ……. Very good.

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